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It’s Easier to Handle Winter When You’ve Got Soup!

My son didn't want to go to school today on account of the fact that it was raining hard. He moaned and complained and contorted himself into shapes of agitation, but of course in the end, he had to go. The fact that he thinks rain should be a good reason to skip school is… Continue reading It’s Easier to Handle Winter When You’ve Got Soup!

Food is Love

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles”

I've always liked that saying... I imagine crumbs falling off of a cookie as you bite into it and you're sad because you've missed out on having said crumbs in your belly. Disappointment is a huge part of what the saying means, of course, and so is that life is rather unfair (because, I always… Continue reading “That’s the way the cookie crumbles”

Food is Love

The Fireman’s Dinner Date

Fisherman’s Cottage Restaurant, Hermanus +27 28 312 3642 Marriage is a bit like a google analytics chart - sometimes there’s a peak of interest and sometimes there are other sites which occupy our minds. To me these fluctuations are perfectly normal. If you haven’t been on a dinner date for a while, rekindling that loving… Continue reading The Fireman’s Dinner Date

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Writing about food in my own original way

It’s a bit of a challenge to take on all the well-established food bloggers out there, regardless of my years of experience in the industry - both from the inside and out. So how to be original and peak interest from readers? How to set myself apart? This is what’s been puzzling me for some… Continue reading Writing about food in my own original way