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Is Women’s Month Still A Thing?

I'm totally bored by the concept of Women's Month. Are we still having to prove to the world that we are important enough to have an opinion? I just don't get it; in the month of August, we are all to focus on women's achievements, women's art, women's worldly opinions, women's sport, etc but not have to specifically focus on it on any other month? Pfft!

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A Good Day at Immigration

I have always been a foreigner. I’ve never lived in a country where I could cast a vote. I’ve had a million passports and a million visas in them. I’ve gone home, to the place of my birth, only once in the 35 years I’ve been abroad. It wasn’t even called Serbia when I left her, it was still under the socialist hand of Tito, and it was comprised of six republics, all now separate countries from what was then called Yugoslavia.

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A Story Of Hope Where Wine Saves the Day

What an amazing experience I had on a visit to Weltevrede Wine Estate in Bonnievale. Somewhere deep in its 100 year old, catacomb-like wine cellar, we discovered the secret to South Africa's future success as a peaceful and prosperous country. I know it sounds insane, but it's true! This story is multi-faceted but it all… Continue reading A Story Of Hope Where Wine Saves the Day

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The Winter Owl Weighs In – a poem

The Winter Owl Weighs In An owl has come to perch on the railing of my neighbour’s balcony. I’m inside by the fire watching him intently, Hoping he’d do something interesting, but he just ignores me with the intensity Of someone older and much wiser than me. I am curious as to why he is… Continue reading The Winter Owl Weighs In – a poem