Fiction Friday · Short Stories

Going In For The Kiss

Are you ready for another short story?

If you like being tantalized and tingled by words, send me an email at and I’ll send you the second short story in the Disciples series…

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Here’s an excerpt from ‘Going In For The Kiss:’


..As the garage door wound slowly up and the setting sun seeped into the dark and dusty space of the garage, Valerie felt a slight pang of nervousness. She caught herself staring at the garage remote, watching her finger move toward the ‘close door’ button. But then she felt the kiss beckon to her; soft as a feather, its desire hovered just at the tip of her lips, teasing her. She got into her car and drove down the mountain toward the bright lights of the city below…


This one is super saucy. Holler if you want more! 😉

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