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Is Women’s Month Still A Thing?

I’m totally bored by the concept of Women’s Month. Are we still having to prove to the world that we are important enough to have an opinion? I just don’t get it; in the month of August, we are all to focus on women’s achievements, women’s art, women’s worldly opinions, women’s sport, etc but not have to specifically focus on it on any other month? Pfft!

Is it just another sales gimmick, like Christmas has become? “In August, we’re boosting bra and tampon sales! ‘Tis’ the season to buy a dildo, ladies! Come get one, it’s all in aid of celebrating Women’s Month!”

I mean, there are serious women out there. They’re already making it in the financial sector, already becoming CEOs, entrepreneurs, pilots, brain surgeons, top athletes, we’ve been having it! I wonder if the female CEOs celebrate Women’s Day by taking their female staffers on a girlie pamper day? It would amount to the same when on any other day (presumably White Men’s Day – white, because black people only have October designated as their month), she meets her male staff at a strip club and buys the first round for everyone.

There are presumptions made when we say: Women’s Month. The first is to presume that all the others don’t include us. By marginalizing women to August, men are still able to claim all the other months for themselves. Why should they? We are more than equal in our achievements. We are even no longer divided by sex, it’s all about identity nowadays. If a man wants to be a woman, he can identify as one and everyone should respectfully see him as one… and the same goes for women who want to identify themselves as men. The gender identity lines are blurring and we need to get over it and move on!

Within Women’s Month, there’s even a Women’s Day: basically a Mother’s Day which includes women without kids as well. What did you do on Women’s Day? Did you go to that All Female Music Concert? Did you attend the All Female Artist Showcase at the gallery? Did you go out to lunch with your girlfriends and spend the whole time drinking tequilas and trying to pick up stray men?

I actually hate hanging out with only women. Honestly I really do. Because what happens at the All Female Vegas NEVER stays in Vegas because women are the biggest cugger muggers you’ll ever meet. It’s true! We are! But then again, so are men. They just don’t gossip at the same speed nor have that shrill cackling that we’re notorious for…

Having a Women’s Month should make you applaud women’s achievements, sure. You should be doing that every day, anyway, because we have come so far to emancipate ourselves from when we thought being barefoot and pregnant was the best option for us. I just think we shoot ourselves in the foot by allowing our gender specific achievements to be listed in this way, every year, over and over again, to solidify male dominance over us. They are not better than us, they should not dominate. But neither are we better than them… Where has the real, literal meaning of ‘equality’ gone to? Nowhere does the word ‘equality’ mean ‘the same.’ Equality means fairness, justness, impartiality. Are we not being biased by claiming August as Women’s Month?!

Did you know that (in general) scientifically, we ARE very different in make up? Apart from the obvious physical gender differences, our chemistry and brains are wired differently. In short: men use grey matter more than women, who utilize white matter; men are able to focus on one task with tunnel vision precision, while women can network and multitask much better. Women are better communicators, being more verbal and having better memory networks so they can unpack their environment better, while men have less connections between their word centers and so can’t process their memories and feelings as well as women can. There are approximately 100 gender differences in the brain. We are not the same, ok? We are animals with the ability to work together by using our strengths to produce the best environment on the planet for our species. Together, we are better humans.

I am a woman all year long, and I celebrate my own achievements all year long, and some achievements are very female, like that time I gave birth to two kids, and some are feminist-like, like when I’m pitted against men in sport, and I win, and some are just about me, like those times I managed to get myself out of bed in the morning… but they’re all mine and I am proud of them. I see myself as a woman. But I IDENTIFY as a fucking dynamo!

So we’re going to start sharing August with the guys, and we’ll take shares in all the other months as well! Together, let’s start identifying ways to make the planet a happy, healthy place in whatever genders we’d like to identify in.

Copyright Sandra Radovanovic Buckingham 2019

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