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Writing about food in my own original way

It’s a bit of a challenge to take on all the well-established food bloggers out there, regardless of my years of experience in the industry – both from the inside and out. So how to be original and peak interest from readers? How to set myself apart? This is what’s been puzzling me for some time.

I had to ask myself: what do I have in my writing arsenal that may delight my readers more so than just browsing Facebook food groups with endless reviews popping up all the time? Well… this is it: I’ve decided to intersperse my culinary experiences with real and fictional characters and embellishments that will capture the ESSENCE of an establishment. It will not just be the boring old: I went here, I ate and drank that, I think it’s this.

Sometimes the food will be at the fore, sometimes the wine. Sometimes a certain character; the owner, the waitress, the people at the table next to us, maybe the chef, maybe an imaginary creature, maybe the whole shabang… the point is, there is a story in every foodie experience and I intend on writing the pants off of it.

I’d love to get invited out to places and meet with people who may want to be written into the story! Mail me if you’re interested!

Now THAT excites me a lot! 😊

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